What do we do with your bulk material?

It’s simple: We put it under pressure! Because that is how it starts moving. Seriously: We convey your products up to 2 kilometers – without a pit stop.

Whether it is powder, granulate, pastilles or other products up to a grain size of 25 mm, we move almost anything – in any direction desired. Through the use of the most modern filter technologies, we ensure that the legally prescribed threshold values for residual dust are complied with.

Need-based conveyor technology for all requirements:

  • Fully automatic product conveyor systems
  • Discontinual or continual vacuum conveyors
  • Pressure vessel conveyor system, mono and tandem plants
  • Discontinual or continual pressure conveying  

The use of different discharging and fluidisation systems as well as a tailor-made cable run make it possible for us to adapt conveyor plants to the spatial conditions at the respective location.

Moderate energy consumption and minimal maintenance effort distinguish our Beckschulte “full flow conveyor” system. Easy to operate and flexible in its use. The robustly constructed “full flow conveyor” has proven itself in day-to-day work in many companies. We handle your products carefully. Hardwearing and discharging pressure-dependent, all systems are customised to the individual requirements of our customers. The long running times of our plants attest to the reliability and operational safety of our pneumatic conveyor technology.

Benefit from the advantages of the Beckschulte “full flow conveyor” system:

  • Conveying distance up to 2,000 m
  • Conveyor output up to 100 t/h
  • Material bulk density up to 5 t/m³
  • Material grain size up to 25 mm
  • Material humidity up to 5 % Individually adaptable plant measurements


Martin Franken

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